new trend: hanging out with positive ladies who support each other


untitled by The Darling Child on Flickr.

achilaes replied to your photoset “just got home from a concert with my friends symphony orchestra (which…”

you’re so pretty oh god

aw shucks thank you so much! <3

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…choose to believe in your own myth
your own glamour
your own spell
a young woman who does this
(even if she is just pretending)
has everything.
Francesca Lia Block, How to (Un)cage a Girl (via mirroir)


online witches
suddenly, they merely have to google the spells they need. their covens stretch across the globe, tied together by skype. they curse a different type of apple now. the world is in their pockets and there it will stay.



Just because Halloween is around the corner doesn’t mean you should be raising the dead.

You’re right, raising the dead is a year-round activity.



possibly my favourite scene from anything ever

ok what the hell is the x files

you look so much like ruth wilson it's freaking me out.
from Anonymous

omg thank you so much ruth wilson is really gorgeous so that’s like a huge compliment thank youuuu <3


Mother and Daughter, India

Photograph by William Albert Allard